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Updated 2022 COVID Restrictions in Costa Rica for Meetings, Incentives and Conferences

The 2022 COVID-19 Situation in Costa Rica 

Just over two years from the official beginning of the pandemic, Costa Rica has announced it is lifting nearly all its COVID restrictions. 


COVID-19 Restrictions Lifting in April 2022


No More Social Distancing & Vaccination Requirements in Costa Rica

As far as the situation in the country, beginning April 1, establishments, activities, and events will be allowed to operate at 100% capacity without requiring a vaccination QR code upon entry. This includes formerly restricted establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, tour activities, and stores.


No More Official Health Pass to Enter Costa Rica

As of April 1, 2022, the official Health Pass will no longer be required by any travelers to enter Costa Rica. Additionally, the travel insurance policy for non-vaccinated travelers will no longer be required. 


No More Establishment & Vehicle Curfew

As of March 7, there is no longer a vehicle curfew in Costa Rica. Previously, non-tourism, emergency, or taxi vehicles were not allowed to be on the roads during night. However, this restriction is no longer active. This means all vehicles, regardless of purpose may drive at any time of the day or night in Costa Rica.


Related to this, all establishments can operate according to their regular pre-pandemic schedules. For example, restaurant patrons will no longer have to worry about leaving before the restriction. 


The Last Remaining COVID-Related Restriction: Mask Use

As of April, 2022, there will be only one major coronavirus-related restriction in place. So far, the government has not announced when it will be lifting indoor mask-use mandates. We expect this mandate to remain for a little while longer, as there are still active COVID-19 cases in Costa Rica. 


However, Costa Rica is steadily on its way back to normalcy after two years of strict pandemic-related restrictions.

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